A Summer Well Spent – Skills Acquisition Programme 2019

Sumptuous Pastries and Refreshing Drinks

It was a thrilling experience for our pastries and cocktail students, learning to transform the dough into a variety yummy snacks like doughnuts, chin chin, egg rolls, peanut burger and meat pie. The zobo and coconut flavoured drinks were not left out!

We all looked forward to our daily tasting… Special thanks to Timba Entrepreneur Foundation for facilitating this class.

Creative Stitches

Understanding and leveraging trends are an important aspect of creativity; this was brought to bare by our sewing and fashion design class. They not only learnt different styles of gowns but also jumped on the fashion trend of stoning clothes.

Did we mention we had two male students in the class? Oh yes! They had so much fun learning to make female outfits.

Party Ready!

Outfits are never truly ready until those beautiful accessories come on to add that special touch!

Our ankara craft and footwear students are ready to give you that special touch. With brooches, bow ties, neck pieces, earrings, purses, bags, slippers and sandals; and much more, they’ve got your back!

Don’t you love our beautiful student-model?

Special thanks to Grace Oluwagboun, Creative Director, Togz Design and S.M.I.L.E 2012 Change Champion for choosing to give back and empower young hands in this special way.

Back to School after a Summer Well Spent!

We specially celebrate and congratulate the teenagers and youth who took out time this summer holiday to invest in their personal development by embracing entrepreneurship, and acquiring various skills at the S.M.I.L.E Summer Skill Acquisition and Digital Literacy Programme.

We wish them all the best as they commence another academic year!

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