More young people are faced with mental health challenges born out of a myriad of reasons such as dysfunctional homes, financial limitations, peer pressure, low self-esteem etc which hinder their productivity and affect their self-confidence and their zest for a better future.

To address some of these issues observed among the indigent youth we work with, we had a session on Mental Health during the fourth module of the 2022 Young Leaders Mentoring Programme. This enlightening and educative session was facilitated by a Youth Facilitator- Dr Ooreoluwa Onun, a Mental Health Coach and a Medical Doctor.

She explained the meaning of Mental Health, early signs and triggers of Mental Health disorders to watch out for, Myths about Mental Health and the various daily activities to boost their mental health.

Indeed, it was a great opportunity for the Change Champions to open up and ask questions bothering on their mental well-being.

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