Change Champions Chat Series facilitated by Mr. Ifeoluwa Onotanemere was very practical and insightful.

he May 2022 Change Champions Chat Series facilitated by Mr Ifeoluwa Onotanemere was very practical and insightful. He shared his knowledge and experience on the topic:Youth and Politics.

He defined Politics as the activities associated with the governance of a country or area.

He explained that a lot of people are of the opinion that young people don’t need to get involved in politics, adding that this is detrimental because politics determines everything that happens to us, either young or old, hence it’s important for the Youth to be part of the decision making process.

He highlighted the various steps needed for young people to get involved in politics:

🎯Join a political party: Get to know your ward, don’t be an online party member

🎯Get your voter’s card

🎯Become active at the grass root.

It’s not a must you contest for a political office now, but create a niche for yourself

🎯 Get a political mentor

Some of the benefits of joining politics as young people are:

🎯It is easier to infiltrate the political parties with our ideologies as Youth

🎯One can become a delegate in choosing the next political party candidates in the primary elections

🎯It is easier to bring up new ideas and team up to create a good system and nation at large.

He charged his peers by emphasizing that “Elections are not won on social media or protest ground”. Although “social media is good for amplifying our voices and grievances, politics is local”

The big question then is are we as young people ready to be part of Nigerian politics?

His final words to his peers were explicit: β€œDon’t get into politics because of money, join politics because you want to make a change”.


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