Community Youth Empowerment Programme (CYEP)

Community Youth Empowerment Programme (CYEP)

Community Development I Community Change Champions

Program Areas:

• Leadership and Personal Development
• Tertiary Institution Scholarships
• Enterprise Development
• Mentoring and Counseling
• Social Innovation Strategies
• Community Projects

The Need

The community is the cell of any nation and it plays a vital role in the growth and development of the entire nation.

The CYEP was established to proffer community focused interventions and solutions tailored to the needs of the youth at the grassroot.

In our quest to expand our youth empowerment reach, we discovered some slums and notorious areas plagued with hooliganism, crime, violence and drug addiction in Lagos; where most of the youth embrace these vices as a way of life.

To develop a localized intervention or framework that works best and can be adapted to the specific needs of youth in such communities, we recognize that a greater understanding and analysis of the need is required.

What We Do

Through CYEP, we identify and empower certain youth within slums and notorious communities; who despite the myriad of social vices and struggles from living in such environments want to be different, get an education and be Change Champions.

We then invest in the personal and capacity development of these potential Community Change Champions, develop their skills and equip them to undertake effective and efficient community-based action, initiatives and intervention strategies needed to bring about change and reduce social problems at the grass root.

We recognize that as key actors and stakeholders in their community, they have the practical knowledge and experience about effective approaches and traditional ways of working in their community.

In addition, we offer scholarships to these Community Change Champions to enable them actualize their dreams of getting an education and a college degree.

It is noteworthy, that due to the multiple problems – physical, emotional, psychological, material and others faced by youth in such communities; isolated interventions are unlikely to yield optimal results hence a more effective approach requires simultaneous interventions.


We recognize that community partnerships and actively engaging and involving stakeholders is key to getting results and great outcomes.

Through the CYEP, we raise Community Change Champions who evolve to become problem solvers, catalysts of change and pillars and voices of hope in their respective Communities.

With the scholarship provided to get a college degree through this holistic program, these promising youth stand a better chance at getting a bright future, contributing to national development and becoming role models in their communities.

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