The practical session on Achieving Academic Excellence and Making Excellent Career Choices was taken by the Program Coordinator of S.M.I.L.E and an Alumni, Mrs Ajibola Babalola.

She took the Change Champions through her personal academic journey to spur their zest for academic excellence, sharing steps she took to become a first class graduate.

She encouraged them as young leaders to steer clear of exam malpractice and emphasized that achieving academic excellence requires being intentional. She listed key steps to achieving academic excellence and habits of excellent students and encouraged the Change Champions to aim for the top to enable them access more opportunities for success in the future.

During her session on career choices, she admonished the young leaders to pay attention to the 5Ps below in their quest for making informed and excellent career choices:




🎯Plights of the people around.


She also shared the steps involved in making career choices, the importance of internship and volunteering in career development and components of self-assessment.

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