Educational Support and College Scholarship Program

Educational Support And College Scholarship Program

Educational Opportunities Educational Support

In line with the SDG 4, we provide financial support for brilliant young students, who are in vulnerable situations and at risk of being out of school due to financial constraints to help them realize their dreams of getting a good education and a great future.

The Need

Education plays a vital role in helping underprivileged youth achieve their dreams, reduce their dependence on low paying menial jobs and prevents them from sinking in the abyss of unemployment.
Factors such as poverty, loss of parents especially the breadwinner, prevents many youth from gaining access to education.

Unless an aid in form of scholarship is provided, their dreams of getting an education will be squashed.

What We Do

We provide scholarships for tertiary institutions, continuous mentoring and personal development trainings to indigent students to ensure they don't drop-out of school or go through college with financial anxiety.

The criteria for awarding the scholarship includes meeting academic standards, being of exemplary character, demonstrating leadership qualities and a strong will to succeed.


The end goal for us transcends from the enormous impact it has on their Families, Society and the Nation which leads to a reduction in social vices (e.g: crime, addiction), poverty; fostering and promoting stability, national growth and development.

Emmanuel John Senate

School: University of Lagos
Course: Banking and Finance

Chiamaka Nwokenna

School: University of Lagos
Course: Guidance and Counselling

Joy Solomon

School: University of Lagos
Course: Philosophy

Lekan Adepoju

School: University of Lagos
Course: Philosophy

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