The session on Leadership, Mentoring and Public Speaking/Presentation Skills was a whole new paradigm for the young leaders on S.M.I.L.E’s 2022 Young Leaders Mentoring Programme.

The objective of this session which was to drive a mindset change and create the right orientation about leadership and mentoring was achieved all thanks to our dear Facilitator and President of S.M.I.L.E-Mrs Bimpe Bamgbose-Martins.

She admonished the Change Champion to take up leadership roles with the intention to serve selflessly, sacrificially and to make an impact not with the aim of being served by their followers or amassing power. She encouraged them to be leaders who raise leaders, empower others and take responsibility too lead change and solve problems around them from an early age.

She enlightened them on the need to be transformational young Leaders with distinct attributes such as excellence, integrity, exemplary character, passion, humility, focus, diligence, lead by example, and must have a compelling vision. Furthermore, as young mentors to their peers, they learnt about the meaning, importance of mentoring, misconceptions about mentoring and benefits of mentoring (to the mentors, mentees, and an organization).The session ended with a practical session on public speaking and presentation skills, a skill she highlighted as important for all aspiring leaders.

The Change Champions then took turns to present to their peers based on the guidelines taught during the session.

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