The many successes we have recorded today as an organization couldn’t have been achieved without our selfless and amazing partners.

We were privileged to have one of S.M.I.L.E’s partner- Mr Femi Ilori, CEO Altruist Realty LLC, USA join us for the second module of the Young Leaders Mentoring Program on Saturday January 29, 2022.In his remarks, Mr Ilori highlighted the fact that hard work, education and good character are fundamentals on the path to greatness.

He explained that character keeps people grounded and makes them better persons.

He cautioned that a lot of things projected on social media as success are not actually success.

Furthermore, he encouraged the young leaders to keep pushing forward and persevere, despite the stumbling blocks they may encounter because the path to greatness will not always be smooth. Although failure may occur at some point in their lives, he urged them to learn from it, and be strengthened for the next level. In closing, he expressed his delight at the myriad of success stories that have emanated from the organization and appreciated for the great work being done around youth development and the investment being made to address gaps, empower and mentor youth through S.M.I.L.E’s programs.

We are indeed very grateful for the gift of amazing partners!❤❤ S.M.I.L.E…Building a better world, raising a new generation of Leaders.

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