It’s been a beautiful and insightful journey for the students ages 14 – 18 years old in the maiden batch of S.M.I.L.E’s seven weeks Digital Literacy Program in public secondary schools.

The issue of the digital divide has in recent times hampered the growth and development of the underserved and less privileged students as technology is now a fundamental part of learning and assessments.

We are glad we could provide a platform for these promising Youth, to be digitally equipped and empowered to thrive and succeed in today’s world; 95% of whom had very minimal knowledge about Information Communication Technology( ICT).

The young beneficiaries through their testimonials expressed their heartfelt gratitude to S.M.I.L.E for the rare opportunity and their profound appreciation to our partner and dynamic instructor, Mr Jesse Okpara C.E.O Mobitranes Technologies, for simplifying the lessons and his practical/hands on approach which enabled them overcome their fears for ICT and also aided the easy assimilation of the various modules.

We are delighted these students are now comfortable using the computer, also the program has aroused their interest in building on the computer knowledge they have acquired so far. We are optimistic that they will exceed all expectations when they are empowered with the digital tools and devices which they currently lack.

Thank you, Partners ❤️



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