The Fight For You! – 2019 Young Leaders Mentoring Programme

At the final module of the 2019 Young Leaders Mentoring Programme, our 70 Change Champions and 237 of their mentees from 14 public secondary schools, were enlightened about the imminent danger associated with cultism, sexual activities, alcohol and drug abuse.

With a generation of youth in search of identity, a sense of purpose and direction; yet under pressure from their peers, family, and friends to engage in risky behavior and health threatening activities, we cannot undermine the importance of empowering their minds with strategies to pull through.

Special thanks to our partners Mr Samson Braimah, President, Crusader Against Campus Cultism and Violence Foundation; Ms Ola Asags and Mr Salvage, Christ Against Drugs Abuse Ministry (CADAM); Mr Matthew Femi-Adedoyin, Founder, Resurged Mind Company and our very own Lekan Adepoju.

Preparing them for the future of work…

With the rising youth unemployment and underemployment, it has become exceedingly important that we prepare the younger generation for the future of work by reducing their dependence on white collar jobs and presenting them with viable options to prepare them to live productive and fulfilling lives.

During the final module of our 2019 Young Leaders Mentoring Programme, the 70 Change Champions and 237 of their mentees were introduced to the art of entrepreneurship; gained insights on steps and importance of self awareness, passion and personality type in choosing a career path as well as tips to ensure academic excellence.

Special thanks to our partners Mr Abbey Oyesola-James, Publisher, Success Tips Magazine; Mrs Ronke Akinola-Akinwole, Founder, Community Advancement & Youth Empowerment Network (CAYEN); Ms Abiola Omojesu, Founder, Timba Entrepreneur Foundation and our very own Joy Solomon, for sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience.

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