Time is an essential element for productivity for young leaders. How best they maximize it determines how much impact they can make.👌
One of the highlights of the second module of the 2022 Young Leaders Mentoring Program was the session on Time Management facilitated by the President of S.M.I.L.E, Mrs Bimpe Bamgbose-Martins.

She encouraged the Change Champions to do the following:👇

🎯 Track their daily activities, identify and eliminate time wasters and prioritize tasks
🎯 Draft a daily To-Do- and tasks lists to plan their activities
🎯 Create schedules and processes as well as use tools and devices to increase their efficiency and productivity. 🎯 Avoid procrastination, be organized and learn to delegate as much as possible
🎯 Deciphering between tasks that are important and urgent and those that are not important and not urgent tasks.

In closing she admonished the young leaders to be disciplined with their time and strive to have a balanced life.
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