The power of the brand YOU! 2019 Young Leaders Mentoring programme Module 3

The power of the brand YOU!

The reason why people pick us over our colleagues, friends and peers has a lot to do with the value we offer and the personal values that drive us.

The session on Personal Branding was a revealing moment for the Change Champions on our 2019 Young Leaders Mentoring Programme, as they were taught building a personal brand requires authenticity, consistency, and staying power.

Special thanks to our partner Mr. Idy Enang, a marketing and branding guru and a living brand himself, for sharing insights on what it takes to stand out,

Summer Skills Acquisition Program

This summer was great as S.M.I.L.E created a platform for 39 teenagers & youth to acquire skills of interest as part of our drive to address youth unemployment in Nigeria. We will continue to encourage more youth to embrace entrepreneurship to help reduce their future dependence on white collar jobs after graduation from university.
Our profound gratitude goes to our partners, JMA Solutions LLC for sponsoring this program & Timba Entrepreneur Foundation for the training.

Empowering Teens & Youth to be Micro Business Owners

We celebrate the 39 teenagers &

World Youth Skills Day 2018

Promoting Youth Entrepreneurship

The audience both young and old, were fascinated and greatly inspired by 5 students between the ages 17 – 23, who are members of S.M.I.LE’s Young Business Network as they shared their journey as young entrepreneurs from a tender age, during the panel session tagged ‘Youth in Business (Skills, Passion and Strategies.)’
The young participants were urged to take a cue from the panelists and look at options beyond white-collar jobs, by acquiring entrepreneurial and vocational skills essential for self-employment and self reliance in today’s global economy. The inspiring session was moderated by our partner,

It’s World Youth Skills Day (WYSD)!

15th of July is the day set aside by the United Nations to focus on issues relating to skills and jobs for youth and to emphasize the need for a substantial increase in the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills (SDG target 4.4).
The theme for this year is Improving the Image of Technical and Vocational Education and Training. #WYSD

12 August United Nations International Youth Day

The theme for the 2017 event : Youth Building Peace (#Youth4Peace), proved really timely, particularly in view of the current situation in Nigeria. The event was a resounding success with approximately 800 young participants from 9 states of the Federation plus the Federal Capital Territory in attendance. Youth with disabilities were also not left out and for the first time we had a visually impaired youth as a panelist as well as visually and hearing impaired youth, as participants.

Highlights include discussions on the role of youth in peace building and prevention of conflict, addressing youth unemployment by promoting youth entrepreneurship and bridging the resource and funding gap,