Youth Enterprise Development

Finance and Business Skills  |  Digital Skills  |  Entrepreneurship

Program Areas

• Enterprise Development Program
• Skill Acquisition & Entrepreneurial Training
• Start-Up Tools & Resources
• Business Development Support
• Coaching
• ICT and Digital Skills training

The Need

The staggering rise in youth unemployment, underemployment, dependence on white collar jobs, and lack of digital competence, especially among youth from low-income families and underserved communities, calls for urgent effective interventions.

What We Do

2 Weeks Summer Digital Literacy and Skill Acquisition Program

We provide an opportunity for teenagers and youth to acquire a variety of skills ranging from pastries and cocktail making, sewing and fashion design, ankara craft and footwear making, hairdressing, make-up and gele tying, basic computer literacy, web design, graphic design and others.

We also organize personal and business development sessions to expose participants to critical business development principles, business management skills and best practices.

This program exposes them to simple business ideas with low start up capital, provides the resources to start, manage and grow their desired micro and small businesses; ultimately enabling them break out of the unemployed youth demography and poverty cycle.

The Impact

We have been able to facilitate skill acquisition trainings, register a few youth owned businesses, provide start-up tools and resources and initiated our Young Business Leaders Network which provides mentorship and continuous support for them.

By promoting entrepreneurship and self-employment as viable alternative sources of income and empowering teenagers and youth from low-income families and underserved communities; we help them become economically stable and self-reliant, thereby ending the poverty cycle

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