Change Champions Project

The Need

Our mission is to create a new leadership paradigm in young people that is an intentional shift from positional to transformational leadership. 

We believe this can be effected when we empower these young ones; who inturn will identify and solve problems in their immediate communities.

What We Do

We groom youth in Public Secondary Schools to be problem solvers and change agents by educating and enlightening them on the roles and responsibilities of transformational leaders and the attributes they exude.

We teach them to focus on the Solution, Not the Problem by equipping them to take responsibility and encouraging them to be nation builders taking the following steps into cognizance:

• Identify and defining the problem
• Generating possible solutions and options
• Evaluating and selecting options
• Monitoring and evaluating results and outcomes

We also teach them about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and expound the idea of Social Innovation so they can initiate these changes in their Schools, Communities and wherever they find themselves.

In addition, the conception and implementation of their projects, leads to the development of a number of essential skills, such as:

• Problem solving skills
• Team building
• Analytical skills
• Innovative and creative thinking
• Adaptability
• Ability to take initiative and a lot more.


Over the years we have raised selfless youth-Change Champions who derive a lot of fulfillment from giving back to the society. They take responsibility, initiate positive changes wherever they are and are given to continuous skills development and capacity building.

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