Our young leaders are not just equipped with leadership skills but are prepared to intentionally build a reputable personal brand despite their young age.
It’s always a delight to have our dear trustee, Mr Idy Enang, Idy Enang (CEO Corporate Shepherds Limited, President and Chairman of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria, and Host of Navigate with Idy on Lagos Talk 91.3 FM) facilitate a session on Personal Branding at the final module of the 2024 Young Leaders Mentoring Program which held on Saturday, February 17, 2024.
Mr Enang established the fact that we live in a world of brands and a brand is an entity with distinct identity. He enlightened the young leaders on the fact that they are ‘a brand’ and they must build their character and have the right attitude in order to sustain their personal brand.
He added that although social media propagates a brand of ‘make-believe’, they must stand out and be different. He encouraged them to build their brands by identifying their best qualities, have a clear/compelling message, be consistent and embrace a life of continuous learning.
He concluded by encouraging the young leaders to discover themselves, align their passion with their strengths, and strive to become an expert in their respective areas of strength.
Rounding off with the IKIGAI concept, he encouraged them to discover their reason for living and embrace a life of legacy.
Please join us as we groom more young leaders with positive personal brands.
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