We are grateful to our selfless Youth mentors and School Counselors for the successful completion of our 6 weeks fieldwork program across the 5 public secondary schools on S.M.I.L.E’s 2024 Young Leaders Mentoring Program.
This unique component of our program provides an opportunity for the 25 Change Champions on the program, to pass on the knowledge gained during the program to their friends and mentees.
Through this peer mentoring model,
the Change Champions are able to hone their new skills, discover other unique attributes they possess, and serve as a role models to their peers.
We are delighted over 100 students have been mentored by the Change Champions across the 5 schools.
Special thanks once again to the School Counselors and Youth Mentors for providing the needed guidance for these young leaders to effectively transfer knowledge to their mentees during the fieldwork sessions and for the creativity infused into the learning experience.