Education is power!
During the fourth Module of the 2024 Young Leaders Mentoring Program, our young leaders were taken through an interesting and practical session on Achieving Academic Excellence with the aim of spurring them up to excel and come out with outstanding grades.
This unique session was taken by Mrs Ajibola Babalola, Head of Communications at S.M.I.L.E, and an Alumnus of S.M.I.L.E Young Leaders Mentoring Program for Graduate and Young Professional.
She took the Change Champions through her personal academic journey, sharing simple and practical steps she took to become a first class graduate.
She emphasized the fact that Academic Excellence doesn’t just happen, however it requires intentional choices and actions. Hence the need to have a vision for their academics, set subject goals, manage their time properly and understand their uniqueness as well as their various reading styles.
She stated in clear terms that as exemplary young leaders they must desist from any form of exam malpractices. She encouraged them to affirm and believe in themselves as well as aim for the top.