We are extremely honoured to have Mrs. Lara Yeku, Head of HR, Food Commercial Division, Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc, take the mentees in the Career Cohort of S.M.I.L.E’s Executive Mentoring Program for Youth (EMPY) on an interesting journey of self-awareness, introspection and up-skilling during her session on the topic: Mastering the Art of CV Writing and Acing Job Interviews.
We are so grateful to her for the unique approach she adopted to help the mentees understand how to reference the skills they are acquiring at every stage of their lives through various roles and life experiences and how to articulate the skills that are transferable into a work environment when crafting a compelling CV.
She also shared the skills needed to thrive in today’s workplace, highlighting some key changes in today’s world of work with regard to how work is done, who does the work, when and where work is done (the workplace, workforce and the work).
In addition, she pointed out the content of a winning CV and how the mentees can sell themselves within 58 seconds as well as during a job interview.
Words can’t quantify our appreciation to Mrs Yeku for her selflessness and for always supporting our youth development goals.