The world we live in has evolved digitally. There is an urgent need to understand how technology helps to scale and achieve results and how our Youth can optimize it for their personal effectiveness, career and business growth.
We couldn’t have gotten a better facilitator than Mr Samson Olatunde, Founder, Digital CEO Tribe who shared in-depth insights, current trends and essential digital tools our mentees need to optimize the digital world.
During the 4th module of our Executive Mentoring Program for Youth (EMPY) held on Saturday, March 16, 2024, Mr Olatunde kicked off his session by highlighting the need for the mentees to:
📍Have a digital presence for themselves, their careers and businesses using various online platforms especially platforms that best suits what they are doing.
📍He added that they should start with what they have and where they are.
📍 He urged the mentees to consistently deliver value because if the social media is well optimized they can attract paying customers for their businesses and opportunities to themselves.
📍 He advised the mentees to have a plan to scale and ensure sustainability by embracing technological tools and building a system around their processes.
📍He also asked them to take advantage of online learning platforms like Alison, Cousera, and Udemy to continue to develop themselves and get certifications that will give them an edge and enable them get more results.
He cautioned that the mentees should refrain from competing on the internet but instead think of collaborating with others online.
Special thanks Mr Samson Olatunde for sharing various online platforms and apps our Youth can utilize. We haven’t recovered from this practical, enlightening and impactful session.