The 4th module of the Executive Mentoring Program for Youth, facilitated by one of S.M.I.L.E’s trustees-Mr Idy Enang
(CEO, Corporate Shepherds Limited) was focused on helping the 40 mentees (from the Career Cohort and the Business/Social Enterprise Cohort) understand the meaning and concept of personal branding as it relates to their individual and business growth.
Mr Enang, explained that branding requires clarity, intentionality, consistency and authenticity. He added that branding is important because it helps in proving one’s credibility, expertise and increases visibility.
He encouraged the Youth to define who they are, make conscious effort to stand out, and have a unique selling point, as they build the brand called ‘Me’. He emphasized the need to craft a brand statement, have an elevator pitch and ensure they manage their reputation at all times.
Furthermore in optimizing their social media platforms, he encouraged them to know their audience, and align their content with their brand.
We are so elated at the in-depth teaching and excellent delivery by Mr Idy Enang. It’s always a delight to learn from his wealth of experience as a brand icon.
Idy Enang
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